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Same Day Surgery | Ambulatory Care Unit

Sharon Hospital’s Same Day Surgery | Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) provides comprehensive care to medical and surgical patients who are admitted for same day procedures. The ACU team provides comprehensive care and assists the patient and his/her family with all care issues, from pre-hospitalization through discharge and aftercare.

  • Pre-Admission Testing
  • Pre-and post-operative care and assessment
  • Outpatient chemotherapy
  • Blood transfusion administration

If you are in need of ambulatory surgery, inpatient surgery, chemotherapy or infusion therapy, Sharon Hospital’s Same Day Surgery Unit will care for you by focusing on the individual patient’s needs. You will be contacted prior to your visit or procedure by our experienced pre-admission testing team to ensure that we have all of the essential information needed to care for you, the individual patient. Your confidential consultation lets our nurses get to know you and care for you as a family member would.

During your stay, you will make a connection with a nurse who truly cares for you and who wants you to get well and stay well. Our nurses will follow up with you once you are home again to be sure that you are doing well and to follow up on any questions or concerns that you may have.

At Sharon Hospital, our surgical service team and our ambulatory medical team are highly trained professionals who are prepared to deal with all aspects of your care. So, whether you are here for surgery, endoscopy, chemotherapy or transfusion therapy, our team will exceed your expectations.

For further information, please call:  860.364.4121