Purpose: A diagnostic or non-screening mammogram is ordered by your physician when there is a symptom or complaint in your breast.  This maybe a mass, thickening, pain or change palpated by either you or your physician.  The diagnostic mammogram will demonstrate the area of concern and the Radiologist will pay special attention to those areas. Any additional images needed will be requested by the Radiologist and will be assessed while the patient waits.

A physicians order is necessary for a diagnostic or non screening mammogram.

Who will perform the examination?

A Radiologic Technologist licensed by the State of Connecticut and with a special certification in Mammography will perform your examination under the supervision of a Board Certified Radiologist.  Sharon Hospital has been certified as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by theAmerican College of Radiology.


Inform the staff if you are pregnant BEFORE the examination as other imaging options may be better for you.

No powder, talc or deodorant should be applied the day of the exam.

Because mammography is based on comparison, it is VITAL for the Radiologist to have your previous mammograms at the time of the exam.  If it is your first mammogram atSharonHospital, please bring either your previous original mammograms (or disk) or ALL the information about the facility at which it was done.

If your mammograms have done been atSharonHospital, they will be immediately available to the Radiologist in our PACS system.

Hand carrying previous mammograms is especially VITAL for a diagnostic or non screening mammogram.

History Sheet

Before your mammogram, your technologist will discuss the history sheet you filled out after checking in at the Radiology desk.  The information on this sheet is VERY important in assuring that your exam and the information given to the Radiologist is correct.

If you have had breast surgery, please inform the technologist during this interview.

Breast augmentation with implants is especially important and needs to be discussed with your technologist before the examination.

If you have a family history of breast cancer, be sure to note it on your history sheet.

If you have had breast cancer with related surgery, radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy, please note it on your history sheet and discuss any areas of tenderness with the technologist.

Please describe as fully as possible the reason for this mammogram.  If lump, please show the technologist the location of the abnormality.


If your last mammogram was more than a year ago, the technologist will perform the routine four (4) view mammogram followed by the specific images requested by the Radiologist.  The Radiologist will examine each set of images to determine if more are needed.  He will also consider other imaging techniques such as ultrasound and MRI and will recommend them if considered helpful.

The breast will be positioned on the mammography unit in a series of positions.  Compression will be applied to assure clear, crisp imaging.  The amount of compression is dependent on the tolerance of the patient.  Please remember that compression helps keep the radiation dose lower, helps to avoid repeat images due to motion and to separate breast tissue for better visualization.  Please work with your technologist and tell her if the compression is intolerable.

Post Procedure

After the test, you may resume all normal activities.


A Radiologist, a physician who specializes in interpreting diagnostic images, will analyze your test and send a signed report to your doctor. Reports are generally available the same day the mammogram is performed.

The images obtained for a diagnostic or non screening mammogram will be determined by the Radiologist.  He/she will direct the Technologist to best visualize the area of concern.

The results of these images will be discussed with you before you leave. Any additional tests required will also be discussed with you.

The results will also be called in to your physician. A final report will be sent to your physician and a letter will be sent to you.


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