Our leadership team is available to our patients and their families, and we’re happy to chat with you should you have any questions, concerns, or good news to share.

Thank you for choosing Sharon Hospital for your healthcare needs.

You, our patients, are the most important indicator in determining if we are meeting our mission. Regardless of how many indicators we monitor, track and trend, if we are not meeting your needs, we are not achieving and reaching our mission. Sharon Hospital encourages your feedback as part of our efforts to continually improve our services.

For a question for a specific party, please find a list of contacts below:

Peter Cordeau, CEO | 860.364.4408 | peter.cordeau@sharonhospital.com

Christian Bergeron,  Chief Financial Officer | 860.364.4084 | christian.bergeron@sharonhospital.com

Lori Puff, Chief Nursing Officer | 860.364.4523 | lori.puff@sharonhospital.com

Christina McCulloch, Chief Quality Officer | 860.364.4411 | christina.mcculloch@sharonhospital.com

Christopher Miller,  Director Regional Healthcare Associates | 860.364.4471 | christopher.miller@sharonhospital.com

Krista Shaffer,  HR Director | 860.364.4522 | krista.shaffer@sharonhospital.com

Gina Beligni,  HR Generalist | 860.364.4080 | gina.beligni@sharonhospital.com

Cliff Hedges, Ethics & Compliance Officer | 860.364.4478  | cliff.hedges@sharonhospital.com

Jim Hutchison, Health & Wellness Concierge, Growth & Outreach, EMS Coordinator | 860.364.4493 | jim.hutchison@sharonhospital.com

At Sharon Hospital, our hospital family cares for our community family every day.