Without even realizing it, you are probably consuming more than the daily recommended amount of sugar every day! Sugar is often added to foods that don’t even taste sweet such as breads, dressings and snacks and can lead to tooth decay, diabetes, weight gain and heart disease.

How do you cut out the sugar?

  1. Read food labels: Don’t just check the nutrition facts. Read the list of ingredients. Remember that they are listed in order by how much is in the product, so the earlier you see sugar the more there is!
  2. Educate yourself: Sugar is not always called “sugar”. Sweeteners and variants can be listed as “high fructose corn syrup”, “sucrose”, “brown rice syrup”, “molasses”, and more.
  3. Buy unsweetened: Look for items that offer no added sugar or unsweetened options.
  4. Cut back slowly: If you use sugar regularly, reduce the amount slowly. Sugar can be just as addicting as smoking cigarettes so don’t expect to go cold turkey!
  5. Avoid artificial sweeteners: Chemical filled diet sodas, sugar-free candies and packets of fake sugar are even worse and quite often associated with weight gain.