Sharon Hospital employs four Occupational Therapists:
· Jessica Bannerman is our only full-time OT – she does everything listed below and is also a certified LSVT – BIG provider, which is a program to improve mobility and movement in patients with Parkinson’s disease
· We have two per diem OT’s and another one that is starting in May – they help with the below areas.

Here are some examples of the kinds of work that occupational therapists do:
1. Working with children:
a. Helping children achieve their developmental milestones such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
2. Rehabilitation and aged care:
a. Helping clients regain or enhance their daily lives after specific events such as hip replacement or stroke.
b. Assessing and modifying clients’ home and community environments to improve their safety and independence.
c. Determining the functional requirements of the patients’ employment and the patients’ capacity to return to work.
d. Modifying the work environment to suit the needs of individuals to prevent or minimize injuries.
e. Educating clients and caregivers in the use of adaptive equipment to assist function.

3. Acute care (inpatient stay):
a. Working with patients with a variety of health conditions including surgery, stroke, and debilitating illness.
b. Assessing patients’ cognition and functional needs.
c. Monitoring patients’ function and progress, prescribing adaptive equipment to ensure safety upon discharge from hospitals.

Outpatient OT is available 5 days a week – in order to schedule and evaluation – the patient would need a prescription for OT from their practitioner (Physician or APRN) and call to schedule an evaluation at 860-364-4065.