For the first year and with the direction of the Director of Medical Education, Dr. Soucier and the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marshall, Sharon Hospital has introduced a one-year medical student program. Twelve students following a curriculum in Osteopathic Medicine will be taking up temporary residence in the town of Sharon and will be working under the advisement of the experienced physicians affiliated with Sharon Hospital.


At a recent gathering, enthusiasm was felt all around as Dr. Soucier explained the students’ planned rotations throughout different specialties and his goals for the program. He hopes to give back to the community, to give the students a full education with hands-on experiences and for the physicians to learn just as much from their students.


As opposed to other hospital programs, these medical students are given the opportunity to follow cases through to the end and to work directly under the supervision of attendings, something which is not common among many programs in larger hospitals.
One of the youngest students, Lindsay Jones, is in her third year of medical school and is particularly excited to get some hands-on experience at Sharon. The program only started this past week but she’s already feeling the local support, “Everyone is so friendly. The community seems really great.”


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(Photos are from a recent meet and greet with the Lakeville Journal)